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If you had to name an item that best describes who you are and what you do, what would it be? A Type A personality hammer always driving something forward? How about a life jacket, always attempting to save everyone? Perhaps you would be the glue holding everything together. For me, it would be a Swiss Army Knife.

Throughout my half-century + on this earth, out of both passion and necessity, I have found myself learning and growing in more ways than I can count. As a child, I was always the curious tinkering type. Later, I learned to troubleshoot, lead, coach and create for a living. People, machines, businesses, brands and processes. To do so, I had to constantly stretch my understanding of who I was and what was possible, shifting and raising the bar each and every time. Retooling, reinventing, from the inside out. Far from perfect, but always striving for excellence.

As a Swiss Army Knife, I have a magnifying glass to see what is often unclear, a screwdriver to build what is needed to serve others, pliers to pull out what is unwanted...and a blade that cuts through all the crap (most of the time, anyway). I am grateful for the numerous teachers and teachings that have crossed my path, in times of good fun, challenge and change. Even in times of great adversity, the inner work and adaptation which resulted, far outweighed the suffering. Welcome to my world, sit back, pop open a cold one, and flip open the knife. 

Peace Always, Frank Angelo Cavaluzzi



Founder of Team Standing Cyclist, Charity Miles Ambassador, Writer, Project Leader/Trainer/Coach, Mindful Living Practitioner, F2F/Digital Marketer, Product Designer...

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