The Softer, Mindful Side of Marketing

In today's big business chain store world we tend to forget the importance of our local manufacturer, distributor, market, deli, automobile dealership, lumberyard, hardware store or cafe. The kind of business that feels less like a service provider or storefront, and more like a home. Reputable companies led by fully engaged, passionate owners, artisan types, who know what your regular is without you saying a word.

Through responsible marketing practices, I enjoy helping these small businesses ($500k to $30mil) craft and deliver authentic, relevant stories, so their brands and businesses can prosper, shift and grow. Mindful, manageable growth that will benefit their patrons, the entire community, and also help feed the small biz owner and their employees for generations to come.

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy / Assessment
  • Sales Team Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Face-to-Face / Experiential Marketing
  • Evaluating the User Experience
  • Social Media Content Messaging/Management
  • Personal (Employee) Brand Building
  • Experiential and Cause Marketing
  • Copywriting/Copyediting
  • Marketing Automation