Bringing R&D to Life

Nothing quite beats the feeling of creating something from nothing. I have been fortunate enough to do just that, throughout my career, in many different business settings across a number of industries. My experience includes detailing design concepts, defining machine process flows/order of operations, technical writing, electro-mechanical control systems, hands-on troubleshooting and complex machine modifications. 

But the work doesn't stop there...

Successful product development requires strong suppliers to get the job done. I've spent decades identifying and qualifying the right vendors for the work at hand. My resources are proven and trusted - from CAD detailing to prototyping to contract manufacturing. 




  • New vendor identification and qualification
  • Existing supplier re-qualification
  • Vendor management
  • Site inspections
  • Production source inspections
  • Contract negotiation
  • Production process modification & management





Always Innovating

I've enjoyed teaming with brilliant engineers and designers on many complex projects, serving as conceptual and project lead, on dozens of ground-breaking industrial product development projects. The following is a small sampling, where I have contributed as co-inventor, to the following U.S. Patents:

IPA Vapor Dryer. Patent # 5,054,210
H.F.U. System (Megasonic). Patent # 5,038,808
Solvent Reprocessor. Patent # 5,248,393
Semiconductor Wafer Holder. Patent # 338,028