30 Years of Project Leadership, Training and Coaching

From the age of 20, I have found myself either on a Project Team or leading one. From team building to one-on-one coaching/training to managing international resources, I've had the privilege of working with some of the world's best engineers, product designers, business/brand builders...and learning from them in the process. 

I've served as Project Leader or Technical Project Manager in leading edge organizations within the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, electronics, military, automotive, aerospace, human resources, outdoor retail, digital media and face-to-face marketing industries. I've also led complex projects from the positions of Management Consultant, Operations Manager, Human Resource Liaison, Sales Team Leader and Marketing Director, involving:

  • Company turnarounds

  • Development of operational/sales/marketing/quality assurance processes

  • Recruiting and training programs

  • Performance management plans

  • Technical manuals/documentation control

  • Face-to-face/experiential marketing

  • Inventory control systems

  • Customer engagement/client surveys

  • Field Service

  • Inbound Marketing & Social Media

Developer of The Project Way

Later in years, I pulled together all of this invaluable information and applied it to training and coaching mainstream employees. I created a customize-able Project Leadership Training Program called The Project Way, geared specifically toward non-project professionals such as engineers, scientists, administrative assistants, sales professionals and CEO's.