Ride Allegheny

John Mahoney Tackles Ride Allegheny 2017

John Mahoney Pic 2017.jpg


John completed his grand off-road cycling adventure and came very close to reaching his fundraising goal. Many thanks to everyone who had supported him, 


Please help support Team Standing Cyclist friend, John Mahoney, as he and a team of 100 other cyclists prep for an extraordinary adventure, for an important cause.


On Oct 5th, John will begin his 4-day, 300+ mi bike ride from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC, to raise funds and awareness for Operation Second Chance.

For more than a decade OSC has been committed to supporting injured and ill combat veterans as they transition back to active duty or civilian life. Their goal this year is to continue Ride Allegheny's track record of success and raise $500,000! 


With this money OSC can continue to provide items like advanced prosthetics so our veterans can run, swim, or even ride a bike again, to retrofitting homes to accommodate these veterans' new life realities of being wheelchair-bound or impaired otherwise.

Click through to learn more about John's altruistic, athletic endeavor. Many Thanks!