Type 1 Diabetes

Noah Barnes Gets it Done!


On December 9th, 2017, Noah completed his 4,240 mile march across America (setting a world record), starting in Key West, FL and ending in Blaine, WA (US-Canada Boarder), to raise funds and awareness to CURE Type 1 diabetes.



Noah was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at 16 months old. He has been living with the daily challenge of monitoring his blood sugar levels. While doing research for a school project, he came across a “walk for a cure.” He asked his Dad, “How far do I need to walk to be cured?” His father explained that there wasn’t actually a cure yet and that the events he found were fundraisers for research.


Around that same time, Noah watched a documentary about a cancer patient named Terry Fox who, to raise money for cancer research, began an impossible journey to run across Canada, on one leg. The next day, Noah decided that he wanted to do his part to find a cure that impacts over 29 million people in America alone. Noah presented a map of the United States to his father and explained his plan on how the journey could be achieved. Noah’s father was speechless and seeing the pure heart of a child with the determination of a freight train, Noah’s March was created.

Noah, continuing his March for a Cure, is chatting with diabetes groups, researchers in the diabetes community and media. Noah explains, "I just want a cure cure for diabetes, and I won't stop until I have one, but I can't do this alone. We are so close to a cure and I need your help."

Like Son, Like Father

Dec 16, 2017 from the Santa Monica Pier, CA, Noah's Father, Robert and new found friend Matt Nyland will attempt bicycle tour across America, ending in Savannah, GA sometime in Feb 18. Learn more about Robert's continuation of Noah's bold adventure: https://www.noahsmarchfoundation.org/2018/

For more about Noah, his extraordinary journey, and to help support his future efforts, please visit: https://www.noahsmarchfoundation.org