Introducing Standing Cyclist The Book

Some exciting news to report from our Team Standing Cyclist camp! Early in 2013, encouraged by a handful of interested supporters, I had begun compiling my various Standing Cyclist trip notes and soon after organized them into a simple manuscript. The content developed as part adventure-log, part memoir with regards to my own personal struggle with Allergic Asthma.

After 37 early Sunday morning (highly therapeutic) writing sessions, I completed the original pre-edit copy in late 2014. It ended up athletic in nature but laced with deeper, more meaningful undertones as well. It lays out as a first-half/second-half of life series of lessons learned, against an adventure cycling and health & wellness backdrop. The manuscript was reviewed and edited in 2016, and published in early January 2017. The book is called Standing Cyclist: Flirting with Wisdom, One Breath, One Mile at a Time. 

We're releasing this project in phases. Our first phase is the Kindle (e-Book) version available as of January 1st on Amazon. Next, we will release a paperback version some time later this month or early February. Lastly, an audio book version will be produced and released later this Spring/Summer time frame.

This project has been such a joy and the response so far has been outstanding. Many thanks! A special thank you goes out to everyone who has believed in and supported this labor of love, from Day 1. You know who you are.

Peace Always - Frank